Delivering the Next Generation of Green Infrastructure

It was a full house at the Garden Museum, located along the River Thames in London, on Monday 8th October 2012.

The reason?

The High Line Symposium organized by the Landscape Institute and hosted by the Garden Museum.

The High Line Symposium was an event discussing green infrastructure projects from around the world and the applications of similar initiatives to the city of London.  Such projects included the High Line in New York City, with the founders of the project talking at the event.  However, the focus of attention was the City of London’s design competition for a green infrastructure project that re-thinks urban green space in London.

For those of you who don’t know, green infrastructure is a concept that focuses on ecosystem services, habitat and green space connectivity, within and outside our urban centers in a more sustainable way.  The focus of green infrastructure (also known as GI) is to reduce reliance on grey infrastructure (concrete piping, motorways, etc) and to apply natural systems to our service needs.

The symposium was opened by the Director of the Garden Museum, Christopher Wood, who outlined the day’s events and the importance of green infrastructure in today’s urban environments.   Mr. Wood then went on to introduce Robert Hammond and Joshua David, the Founder’s of Friends of the High Line and their “Most successful and Inspiring” story.

Kicking off the symposium, Robert Hammond took the audience through the story of the High Line.  Its history and former use, how he met Joshua David, the formation of Friends of the High Line and their incredible story of struggle and success against all those who wished to tear down the High Line.

Perhaps what was most striking about Robert Hammond’s presentation was his presence, use of facts and language very similar to landscape architects and those within the design profession.  The occasional one liners were thrown here or there, such as: “The gayest night lights ever”.


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